Witness Testimony Begins in the Clayton Whittemore Trial

- Already a handful of witnesses have taken the stand this morning.  University police painted a picture of the crime scene at room 108 in McLean Hall, Alex Kogut's dorm.  Campus police told the jury about the open container ticket Clayton Whittemore was issued on september 29th 2012 around midnight.  Hours later one of the officers responded to room 108 for a welfare check. That's where he found the body of Kogut lying on the floor. Kogut appeared to have an injury to her head. There were bloody footprints around her body and a bloody clothing iron nearby.
The officer said he couldn't see her face. The parts he could were quote "unrecognizable."

Brockport student Lenore Comuniello also took the stand.  She was the dorm attendant the night Kogut was murdered. The defense hammered her with questions asking why she changed her story. Today she testified Kogut appeared intoxicated when she came back to the dorm with Whittemore.  In a police statement, she said Kogut acted normal.

The courtroom watched video taken from the dormr oom by a Monroe County sheriff's deputy.  The video was very graphic.  Whittemore stared straight ahead and refused to look at it.

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