Winter Blast Leaves Rochester Residents Shoveling Yet Again

- Monroe and surrounding counties got three to ten inches of snow and two days before April, old man winter showed he's still in charge of the calendar.

They call Sundays a day of rest but homeowners like Robert Bassett got to work instead. He shoveled eight inches of heavy, wet snow from his driveway.

"It's been a very long winter," Bassett said.

2014 will go down as a cold, snowy winter. It was brutally cold too, meaning all that snow stuck around. On Friday there was a thaw but by Saturday it was snowing, again. This storm brought the snow total to 112 inches, one foot above average.

"Just part of winter in Rochester, New York right," Bassett said.

Pete Foster helped spring his neighbor's car from the snow.

"She was stuck, she had a shovel fortunately so we just dug her out and she's good to go," Foster said.

That scene played out everywhere. The hardest part about this storm was the snowfall itself, making it hard to drive in and a real chore to shovel out.

Just when all signs pointed to spring, winter got one last hurrah.

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