West Irondequoit School Budget Voted Down for a Second Time

- It was a record turn out Tuesday night. More than 6,000 voters came out to the polls, but in the end, it just wasn't enough for the West Irondequoit School District.

Residents haven't changed their minds. On Tuesday night, it was clear. After a second election, the answer is still no.

"I have to understand that the taxpayer cannot cover the difference anymore in this town," said Superintendent Jeff Crane.

Superintendent Jeff Crane hoped three weeks would make a big difference. The district needed 60% of voters to override the property tax cap and approve the $67.6 million school budget. Only 55% of voters said yes.

"I think the people believe that was not necessary that they had enough money and that they already said no. A lot of people were angry because hey we said no already," said Richard Barone.

So once again, voters did not approve the same 3.9% spending increase that failed last month.

"They feel they are at the limit right now. We are the highest taxed. It's not as if we aren't paying a lot of taxes. We are not at the bottom. We aren't at the middle. We are at the highest level," said Barone.

Superintendent Crane says the setback is one that will sting.

"We immediately after the May 20 vote suspended all hiring practices that were enrollment based, so immediately we are going to have class size issues that we aren't comfortable with because of that," said Crane.

Crane says he's disappointed with the outcome but proud of the West Irondequoit community for coming out to vote. Now, it's time to make strategic decisions.

"There will be reductions and what I'm trying to figure out today is instead of cutting programs, can we alternate courses so every other year we offer this course instead of cutting the course," said Crane.

The superintendent says field trips will more than likely be eliminated and up to 9 faculty members will be laid off.

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