Wayne County to Get Rid of Most Junk Food in Vending Machines

Officials in Wayne County voted to get rid of most junk food in vending machine in county buildings. The Wayne County Board of Supervisors passed a resolution that requires machines be stocked with healthier options.  

The Wayne County Director of Public Health, Diane Devlin,  recommended the change.  Devlin says more than 70% of adults in Wayne County are overweight.  "You can make your own mind up on what you want to eat, but I feel if you're coming in the Wayne County buildings you should at least have the choice," said Devlin.  

Seventy percent of items in food machines must now be 100 calories or less per container. Seventy percent of products in beverage machines must be reduced sugar sweetened beverages with 25 calories per 8 ounce service.  The only exception is 1% milk and skim milk. "I think it's up to the person to make their own choices. I dont think they should force it on anybody," said Terry Brown.  Brown lives in Wayne County and thinks the policy goes too far.  "If you eat healthy and drink healthy you're all right.  If you dont want it dont get it," said Brown.  "It's as simple as that."   However, many county workers support the change.  Valerie Edell said, "Everybody is more health conscience now and everybody here is trying to lose weight so it's better choices for being healthy."  

The policy hasn't gone into effect yet.  The county is taking bids from vending machine companys that can follow the new rules.

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