Warrior Salute Program: Stories Of Success

- Fifty veterans have graduated from the Warrior Salute program. It has a 70 percent success rate. Two veterans say the program changed their lives.

Unistel specializes in spices. Many bottles have a Warrior Salute label.

"Warrior Salute is one of the best programs; I mean look at me now, I've done a complete 180," graduate Jonathan Stanley said.

After spending several years serving overseas, Jonathan Stanley and Shawn McIntyre had to complete a new mission- adjusting to civilian life.

"You just left the combat theater so you're in a different environment and you tend to isolate and withdraw from the business of civilian life," Stanley said.

"Driving down 590 or 490 and seeing a bunch of trash on the road; to me I see IED or a possible ambush site and that warning sign kept me alive overseas," McIntyre said.

Jonathan and Shawn started working at the Unistel plant after reaching out to the Warrior Salute program for help.

"They taught me coping skills like when I start getting; I guess you could say antsy, ready to fight; how to calm myself, how to adjuust my skills from the military to civilian life," McIntyre said.

Now graduated, both work full-time at the plant.

"In the military they always say drink water and drive on but if you're having problems re-adjusting to civilian life seek help, there's no shame in it," he said.

"Strength is in actually seeking out help and moving on with your life and going to the next level," Stanley said.

The Warrior Salute program is free for veterans thanks to donations. The program can accommodate 12 veterans at a time.

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