Warren Knocks Richards on Job Creation

City Council president Lovely Warren accused Mayor Tom Richards of falling down on job creation during his time as mayor. 

While Richards claims  he has overseen $1.7 billion in investment in the city, Warren said, "We should be ashamed of ourselves that the people who live in our neighborhoods have not experienced that investment."

Warren is challenging Richards for the Democratic nomination. The primary is on September 10.

Warren's economic development plan would hold developers accountable for local and minority hiring. She would also post information online about spending, tax incentives and hiring compliance. She wants to see job training programs and encouragement of entrepreneurship.

"Now it's time for us to really impact city residents by creating opportunities for them to go to work," Warren said. "That's what they need."

Warren cited double-digit unemployment in some neighborhoods as proof the mayor could have done better on job creation.

Warren said the Midtown Plaza Project Labor Agreement fell short on minority and woman hiring. Some contractors didn't hire any. "I left it up to the current administration to check this. Apparently they didn't. They allowed for this to happen," she said.

The Richards campaign did not make him available for interviews. In statement, the campaign said, "Tom Richards has spent his entire professional life creating jobs in Rochester...Her plan is collection of random ideas from a politician who has never created a private sector job in her life." 

You can read Warren's economic development plan here.

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