Wambach helps inspire Fit Families

Rochester, NY - A two time Olympic Gold medalist Abby Wambach returned home to help kids stay fit.

More then 100 kids learned about eating healthy from the Pittsford native at a free soccer clinic.

Ten year old Penfield Striker Julia Carroll couldn't wait to meet 2010 U.S. Soccer Federation Female Athlete of the Year Abby Wambach.

Julia's been playing soccer for 3 years, and while she loved watching Wambach strike, shoot and score, it isn't all she learned that day.

"She's my inspiration for everything," Julia said. "I loved it when she started talking about how you need to eat healthy and to live a good life and play sports."

It's a message Wambach drives home to kids every chance she gets. "MVP and I, we've teamed up and partnered up for 7 years to try and get that point across, because we believe that intolerance with obesity will be the only way we'll be able to fight this disease."

Soccer is Wambach's first passion, but she also feels a responsiblility to act as a role model.

She understands most of these kids won't grow up to be professional soccer stars, so she must teach them how to stay fit, no matter what career they choose.

Wambach added "All the companies try to market to the kids at an early age and I'm trying to do the same thing because I think it's important they learn the basic values of being healthy active human being as an adult."

The fast food companies did sway Abby when she was a young adult.

She admits that in college, fast food became a mainstay.

It wasn't until a coach urged her to drop that habit, that she reached her full potential.

"So I ate right, drank all the water I could drink, worked out hard, and you're looking at me 10 years later having the career I've had and I kinda put my money where my mouth was."

Wambach knows the choice to be a fit family can be a tough one, but she hopes it's one the kids she taught today will benefit from.

"I think that's what a lot of adults need to do nowadays and these kids have the choice to do the same thing."

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