Voters Reflect On Warren Win, Expectations If Elected

- Supporters say Lovely Warren will bring fresh ideas to City Hall if elected mayor in November.

"I think she's going to be able to bring change; more changes to the city," Chauntelle Greene said.

"I'm sick of the businessman type stuff they want to worry about downtown; she worries about neighborhoods, schools, kids," Rick Palmiero said.

The current City Council president ran her primary campaign on the issues of education, economic development and public safety- issues that mattered to her supporters.

"As far as I see now, no one is really trying to buckle down and get the young kids, our futures, to have a better education; and that's what we need," Ricky Hall said.

"I hope she stops some of this violence that's going on out here in Rochester and bring some jobs, we need some jobs," Larry English said.

Warren's supporters say they can trust her to follow through on her campaign promises.

"Everything she says to us; you know I talked to her a little bit here and there she's really honest and she cares about the neighborhoods," Palmiero said.

"A lot of people make promises but I didn't really hear her say that I'm going to do this, and it doesn't come through, she doesn't put her foot in her mouth," Greene said.

One victory down- but the general election is in November and she will not underestimate any opponent. Warren says she will be out going door-to-door and campaigning for the next couple of months.

There is still no word on if incumbent Mayor Tom Richards will stay in the race. He is on the Working Families and Independent party lines for November. There is no Republican challenger. Alex White is running on the Green Party line.

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