Volunteers and Candidates hit the Phones

The clock is ticking on a big local race involving two political veterans.

Democratic incumbent Louise Slaughter is up against Republican Monroe County Executive Maggie Brooks in the race for the 25th Congressional District.

While Brooks and Slaughter have very different platforms they spent the final hours before the election doing the same thing with the same message; we need your vote.

Dozens of volunteers and the candidates themselves hit the phones to be sure voters in the 25th Congressional District know there's a lot at stake this election day.

It's a final push to be sure voters know when, where and who they say is the best candidate to support.

Congresswoman Louise Slaughter said "I think I can maybe make a prediction here. We're gonna have a good turn out tomorrow, I think you can tell by the list of people on the wall here that have volunteered the past 4 or 5 days."

Phyllis Korn calls herself an incredible Slaughter supporter.

As the former Director of Alternatives for Battered Women, Korn appreciates Slaughter's work on the Violence Against Women act.

"I think this is a critical election," said Korn. "It could be life changing for all if us."

Just blocks away at Brooks Campaign Headquarters, one volunteer told me it's not the past but the future that prompted him to hit the phones.

Ross Pedersen will graduate from college in a few short months and he's worried that if things don't change he won't find a job.

Pedersen said "I wanna do more than vote. I wanna get here and support someone who I think is gonna make a real difference."

Pedersen and his fellow volunteers have made more than 100,000 phone calls on Maggie Brooks' behalf since the campaign began.

"If people stay home they can probably expect status quo," said Brooks. "But if people turn out, people who really want change turn out, I'm optimistic we'll have a good day tomorrow."

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