VOC Helps Veterans Find Jobs After Coming Home

Sometimes solving one problem for a veteran solves a lot of problems.

Aaron Brooks is a good example.

After 6 years in the Navy he didn't have a job and was living in a shelter.

He came to the Veterans Outreach Center and was welcomed with open arms.

"Actually feels good to be appreciated for what I've done and what I've been through in the military," said Brooks.

The first step was to get Aaron a job.

Nena Siverd: "We're a one stop shop," said Nina Siverd of the Veterans Outreach Center.  "We have a full resource center team that works with our vets one on one helping them develop resumes, updating resumes or creating one if they don't even have one."

VOC Employment Services relies on businesses like Monroe Motor Parts.

They're asked to take a chance on a veteran like Aaron and hire them as soon as possible. 

Jan Goldberg: "I believe they just need a helping hand just to get the process rolling," said Jan Goldberg. "So I'm glad I'm able to serve some small element of that."

 The VOC calls it Rapid Employment. 

"Rapid employment is key," said Siverd. "If you have somebody coming in the door and they don't have the ability to maintain housing, that program can assist them."

It's paid for with a grant from VA.  It ends homelessness by giving vets money for security deposits and utility bills.

The job gives them dignity and a paycheck.

For the employer, it allows them to give back to the community and wind up with great employees.
These days Aaron Brooks is a man on the move. 

Now that he has a job, he can afford an apartment, he's regaining custody of his son and his family is moving to live with him.

All thanks to a local company that believed in him and the Veterans Outreach Center.

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