Viral Video Protests School Lunches

 A YouTube video gone viral parodies the problem with new school lunch guidelines.
 Tina Shively has a look at what kids nationwide are saying about what's on the menu, in this week's Fit Families report.
 This group of high school athletes from Kansas are the latest to say school lunch leaves them starving.
 It's parody of the song "We are Young" by Fun, in a video they call "We are Hungry".
 It's in protest of the Healthy, Hunger-free Kids Act of 2010.
 The new regulations limit portion sizes, increase the number of fruits and vegetables and decrease amounts of proteins and grains on school lunch trays.
 The federal mandate took effect in July, and didn't take long to find its critics.
 Debbi Beauvais is the National Spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.
 She also supervises Nutrition Services at Gates-Chili Schools.
 "Students in the upper grades are seeing the difference immediately...and are finding themselves hungry at the end of the day."
 She says the district is constantly on the lookout for food that meets the standard and tastes good too.
 "We try to find things that kids are familiar with, things they are used to outside in the chain restaurants, and make it fit our program with our healthy parameters."
 While some students may not like the choices, the changes are healthy. 
 The calorie count for each meal is based on carefully constructed guidelines based on a child's age.
 So, if students follow the rules, Beauvais says parents won't have to worry.
 "I think if kids choose all the options there is enough food. It's just the options today versus what the kids are really eyeing. When they come to us in school they always have a very good idea of what they're already eating."

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