Vets Outreach Held at the Public Safety Building

- People from the justice system gathered today for a veterans legal summit.  The summit was held at the Public Safety Building this morning.  The goal is to figure out a way for attorneys and the courts to best help veterans who find themselves in trouble with the law.  It's also an opportunity for people to get more familiar with recovery treatment programs being offered at VA medical centers in upstate New York.

Veterans Justice Specialist Vincent Schillaci said, "things are very different in military culture.  If they did serve in combat..they did multiple tours.. medical issues. It's really important for everyone to be on the same page, know how to identify a veteran, how they can help, and ultimately where they can get them."

The US Department of Veteran Affairs has been working with the Rochester police department and area county jails to identity veterans and get them linked to treatment programs.

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