Veterans Benefiting From Art Therapy

- Art therapy is a tool that works for many vets. 

Ronald Davis has called the Canandaigua VA home for the past three years. 

"You can say very easy they saved my life. They've helped me keep my sanity," he said.

But it is not just the veteran in him that stands out- the artist stands out too.

"It's just something I decided to start working on and just kept going and going. I don't know how many times I changed the concept around," he said.

The Vietnam veteran took first place with his model building wood kit "First Flight." 

"It's the National Veterans Creative Art Competition. This is our local show and the winners from this show go onto national judging," supervisor Hank Riegel said.

Getting first, second or last place does not matter to most of the vets. Their artistic talents are a form of therapy when words are too hard to express.

"It is therapy. It's something for you to turn around and put into your mind. You can see what you want and just work to get there. Whether it comes out or not, it makes no difference. It's good for us vets," Davis said. 

The National Veterans Creative Arts Festival is in October. The Milwaukee, Wisconsin VA will be hosting this year's event. 

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