Vests Developed To Stop Rifle Shots

- Look no further than the Christmas Eve ambush in West Webster to understand police officers, fire fighters, and first responders are at risk when they respond to an emergency.
Two local men have developed body armor they say will better protect cops and the military.

"The difference between us and competitors is that we can stop the high velocity steel cone and armor piercing rounds from the M16 AK47 and similar types of rifles," Michael Cohn says.

Major General John Batiste spent 35 years in the army before he retired.
He's used many vests in his career- none like this.

"Every police car every fire truck has got to have these vests for that incident where you need don't have time to waste," Batiste says.

Cohn has fired rounds at competitor's vests... you can see the bullet holes.
A lot of cops wear a composite vest like this one.. Cohn says it can only stop three rounds before it falls apart.
Cop Gear's vests are thinner.. but heavier. They use a special type of steel called Star 55.

"It's a series of induction ovens and water clenching and an entirely different process way different from the conventional integrated mills that make armor today," says Batiste.

Batiste says at $425 a vest, the price is the best he's seen.
The Monroe County Sheriff's Office already has purchased 25.
Other departments around the country are testing them.

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