Vacation money saving tips

CPA Tom Walpole discussed some ways you can save money when planning a vacation  Monday on News 8 at Sunrise.

Walpole said you can save money by applying  for preferred customer status at a particular hotel chain.  That can lead  to discounted rooms, upgrades, and good local advice from a concierge.  He  said for some vacations renting a home or condo might be a money-saver.   Having a kitchen can help save on the cost of meals.

Airfare can be  expensive.  With frequent flier benefits being reduced by some  airlines, Walpole suggested being flexible with booking at different times of  the day.  That can be a money-saver, as can receiving "alerts" from  airlines when they have discount offers to certain cities.  If you  like cruises, he said keep an eye out for last minute deals.  Also, Walpole  recommended not overpaying for a cabin, because you'll mostly use it for  sleeping.

The internet can be a great source for information and savings  when booking trips, but Walpole said to beware of a refund policy.

When  it comes to paying for items on your trip, Walpole recommended using cash for  smaller items, while using a credit card for larger purchases.  That will  help avoid the responsibility of carrying lots of money.  Also, if  overseas, credit cards don't charge for a foreign exchange in currency.   Make sure to let your credit card company know where you are going to visit.

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