Urgent Message From U of R President On Dangerous Drugs

- It's a tragic death that shook the University of Rochester community. Within hours of 19 year old Juliette Richard's death, U of R President Joel Seligman got emails speculating heroin was the cause. Even though police aren't saying how Richard died last weekend, it didn't' stop Seligman from sending a powerful message to his students about what has become a national epidemic involving heroin.
Seligman says, "These are drugs that can kill if you're on them please get help."
It scares Jessica Bernstein to know a recent university health study found less than 1% of undergraduates have used heroin or other dangerous drugs.
"I didn't know students here do that type of stuff it was a huge shock for it to go so far its very upsetting, Bernstein says.
Freshman Megan Whalen knew Richard very well, they lived on the same floor.
"It was really bad because I was in my room so I could hear all the police officers in the hallway," Whalen explains.
Whalen doesn't want people who don't know Richard personally to jump to any negative conclusions.
"People were judging her after she died saying 'oh she did heroin' and talking negatively about her it was hard to hear all that, and people thinking that of her when that's not how she would want to be remembered she was such a good person," says Whalen.
Students praise the U of R for putting this dangerous issue front and center.
"I'm glad he's [Seligman] is taking initiative and trying to do something about it so it doesn't happen again,"Bernstein says.
Seligman stresses the importance of reaching out to on-campus counselors if you know someone taking these drugs. You will remain anonymous if you come forward.

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