Undecided Voters Address Issues Important to Fellow Voters

Undecided voters guided Tuesday night's discussion between President Obama and Governor Mitt Romney. The issues they brought up were in keeping with the concerns of student voters who attended a watch party at the University of Rochester.

Dozens of students gathered in Gilbert Hall to watch the, "town hall," style debate.

They said they liked the format because the conversation was mostly guided by voters.

The voters selected to ask questions brought up several topics including gas prices, taxes, and equal pay for women. All of those issues were important to the student voters who watched Tuesday night, "I'm really interested in climate change or energy, I think that's been lacking the last debate they didn't even mention the environment at all," said Ben Stilson. Stephanie Pollocks added, "women's rights because that's been a big issue and definitely taxes."

The watch party was organized by a non-partisan student political action group. Republicans, democrats, and undecided voters were all in the audience.

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