Tweeting Where You Are: The New Feature Draws Attention

 We share a lot on the internet.  That's the point of websites like Facebook and Twitter but could you share too much?

Twitter will now allow you to add your location to your tweets.   I sent one from work Friday and it shows Rochester as my location.  Note that it's not the exact address.  There were a few options to choose from.  For example, Corn Hill and Brown Square, neighborhoods in the city of Rochester.  I just chose Rochester.  You can choose how specific you want to be.

This location feature is a growing trend online: telling the virtual world where you are in the real world.  Some say it's a play that will in the end gear more specific advertising to you.

Parents are alarmed because you're basically broadcasting your location to the world.  But here's the catch.  You have to turn the feature on every time you use Twitter.  So you control when and if you want to use it.

Facebook may roll out a similar location tool on its website next month.

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