TSA Show-And-Tell: What you Can and Can't Bring on Board an Airplane


The Transportation Security Administration is reminding us what not to bring to the airport.

Today the TSA held a show-and-tell event at the Rochester Airport.  Dozens of weapons and confiscated items were all laid out on a table and shown to the public.  Razor blades, pocket knives and even home improvement tools were displayed.  TSA Representatives say there's a difference between something that's prohibited at a checkpoint, and something that's illegal in general.

"It depends on the jurisdiction that you're in," explained TSA Rep, Lisa Farbstein.  "Every jurisdiction is different and has different laws.  The best example I can give you is that New York City has extremely strict weapons laws, so in the NYC, if you have brass knuckles in your checked baggage, you can get arrested."

Farbstein says that in Rochester and most other jurisdictions, that's not the case.

If you aren't sure if something is allowed through a TSA checkpoint, there's actually an app for that!  The free app lists items you can and can't bring on board a plane.

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