Trevor Luthart - Oak Orchard Elementary, Medina

In the final months of his long, remarkable life, Bruce Martin may have just saved the best, for last: a bond with a boy, over a book.

Last winter, 9-year-old Trevor Luthart wrote a book about 93-year-old Bruce Martin, an Army air corps pilot who flew B17's in World War II.  "He said he was glad I was doing it and he was really happy," says Trevor. 

The two were introduced by Trevor's teacher at
Oak Orchard Elementary School in Medina.  When Trevor showed an  interest in World War II history, she contacted Mr. Martin.

"He loved it," says Maureen Hungerford Sanderson.  "It meant so much to him, to know that a young boy could write about him and be enthusiastic about it, so it was an honor to him."

After Trevor's book was published, Trevor and Bruce shared the story with Trevor's classmates.  Photographs from that day show Mr. Martin's unmistakable pride and unshakeable faith in Trevor

"He adored him," says Cora Goyette, Development Director for Hospice of Orleans County, and a close friend of Mr. Martin's.  "He thought Trevor was a wonderful young man and that he would be a success in life."

On October 6th, Bruce Martin passed away.  His death was sudden and unexpected.  "I felt very sad because he was like my best friend," says Trevor.

The making of a book sealed a friendship between the young writer and the war veteran, and it's a friendship that lives on in the pages of Trevor's remarkable book.

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