Toys for Children

We just had a big family Easter weekend and the last guest has left the house. The family time is wonderful, albeit slightly exhausting. It is also amazing to watch the family expand as the children marry, bring girlfriends home and new extended families too.  So, we had a all ages here from age 2 to 90 years!  As I was planning weekend activities I had to listen to my own advice as well...get back to basics.

I planned a mini Easter egg hunt for the little ones...yes with plastic eggs packed with candy inside. Even this pediatrician can't resist a bit of Easter candy after the hunt. I also wanted to make simple Easter baskets for all of  our guests children, in hopes that we might keep everyone occupied and happy for several hours of family time, or as my own children like to call it FFF, "forced family fun".  

I went shopping for trinkets for the little kids baskets and I was thrilled to find so many inexpensive items that were "throw backs".  Sidewalk chalk, the paddle with the ball on the rubber band that kept me busy for hours as a child, and the magic pen with invisible ink to use in the coloring book . I also found the wiffle ball with the two plastic catchers, and the parachute men that you throw in the air.....and guess what, they were all hits.

I am proud to say that we did not resort to any electronics to "entertain" children during our get together There was not a tabletin sightt, or a TV on or a DVD,  and the kids just played.  It was such a fun day and the weather cooperated as well!!  As the kids say, "keep it simple!" 

Lastly, I would like to say, it was not "forced fun" but family fun....just what holidays are made for.



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