Todd Baxter Reflects on Law Enforcement Career

- After wearing the blues for 26 years, Greece Police Chief Todd Baxter retired his badge Sunday.  Baxter is starting a new job Wednesday as the head of Rochester's Veterans Outreach Center.

The chief is coming full circle with his military career, now serving veterans after he, himself, once served our country.

After more than a quarter of a century serving on two police forces, Todd Baxter wore his uniform for the last time Sunday.  Before heading up the Greece police department four years ago, Baxter served 19 years on the Rochester police department's SWAT team.

"Those are officers who are called in on the worst of the worst scenarios.  Ya know, when patrol officers are not equipped or trained to handle situations, swat teams get called in.  And spending 19 years and going to the worst scenarios possible the city of Rochester can have, and the fact that we didn't have to fire our weapon once as a swat team the 19 years I was there, is a testimony to the teamwork and the officers being able to solve those without violence," said Todd Baxter, Greece Police Chief.

Baxter says his departure from law enforcement is bitter sweet.  He remains committed to helping others.

"It is about service.  Same as law enforcement.  Ya know, it's about taking care of the troops that have gone places and done things that most people wouldn't dream of doing.  And then coming home.  And some are having some trouble when they're home trying to get back into society.  I think it's just a great venture to try and find new ways to support those guys and gals who are coming back," said Baxter.

Baxter says he has no regrets and always tries to learn from his mistakes.  Baxter says he thanks strong support from his family for allowing him to do what he's loved all these years.  Greece Police Captain Patrick Phelan will be sworn in as chief of the Greece Police Department Monday.

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