Tips to Return to Healthy Eating in 2012

No matter how healthy we try to be throughout the year, most of us fall victim to less than healthy eating habits during the holidays.

Most of the year Kathy Reid's family enjoys healthy food like organic meats and freshly-squeezed juice.

But when Thanksgiving and Christmas roll around they too fall victim to temptation.

Reid said "In our house it's sweets...cakes and cookies, that kinda thing."

Its a common trap familes run in to at holiday time.

Fat and sugar laden recipes handed down from generations past, and gathering after gathering, can all lead to extra pounds.

Wegmans Nutritionist Trish Kazacos says, dont panic.

"Make a simple goal, keep track of your progress, don't knock yourself if you don't make it. You can always start again the next day."

The road back to healthy eating will be different for every family.

Kazacos says for some it could include eating a healthy breakfast.

Others could incorporate more colorful fruits and vegetables, or sneak in healthy snacks.

She added "Some whole grains that people don't realize are things like popcorn or tortilla chips and those are things that both kids and adults like."

Lean proteins like turkey, chicken and fish are good ideas for main dishes, according to Kazacos.

She also suggests taking that a step further, and on occasion, eliminating meat from your meals.

"Even thinking about going vegetarian once a week is a good way to start the new year. So instead of having a regular hamburger maybe think about having a veggie burger, or think about traditional dishes like chili that you could make vegetarian."

Reid says her family is already on the right path to healthy eating in 2012. Her daughter Anna was the only sweet thing in her Wegmans shopping cart.

Reid added "We've already started juicing again...we're already back in the right spot and heading in the right direction."

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