Thunderbirds Arrive in Rochester

- Here are some photos of their arrival today.

For airshow ticket information, please visit: file:///C:/Users/mbattaglia/Downloads/Press%20release%20-%20AIRSHOW%20TICKETS.pdf

It's a high energy show. Expect a ton of speed and a lot of noise.

The Kwik Fill Rochester International Air Show is back, after federal budget cuts halted the show here for a few years.

"It's a privilege and an honor it's a neat opportunity to come to see the folks of Rochester," Major Curtis Dougherty says.

The F-16's are the same jets used in combat, except their guns are replaced with smoke for the show.

A lot of trust is involved, because the pilots fly close to one another, at speeds of 700 MPH.

The tradition of the tricks is Major Dougherty's favorite part of the show.

"You'll see maneuvers we do are near identical to the ones that are done with F-84, F-100, F-105 and F-4. All the airplanes the Thunderbirds flew before its the tradition that makes us proud," Dougherty says.

The air show makes 17 year old Tyler Crandall want to be a part of the action.

"Actually where we're standing now my dad used to bring me out here when I was little to watch the planes that's what got me into it as soon as I saw there was a career based off something I loved to do I had to jump right on it," Crandall says.

The air show is this Saturday and Sunday, with the Thunderbirds kicking off each days. Tickets are $20 online and $30 at the door.

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