Three people killed in Penfield fire

- Eight-year old Tyler Doohan is being called a hero.

Penfield firefighters believe the young boy alerted everyone to the fire that broke out at 39 Fondiller Drive just before 5 am. They say he then tried to help his grandfather Louie Beach get out.
But both Tyler, his grandfather, and 54-year old Steven Smith were trapped.

"I heard somebody screaming bloody murder from over there. It was bright over there," said Andrew Williams, who saw the flames.

The cries for help, flames, and smoke woke up meighbors in the East Avenue Manufactured Home Community in Penfield.

"I saw the fire going on early this morning and it just came out the side windows," said Jeffrey Lewis, a neighbor.

"My heart dropped, I was just like wow. it was so intense I can't believe it happened. I feel like it was a dream," said Eric Berg, a neighbor.

This dream was a nightmare for the family inside this small trailer home. Firefighters arrived within minutes but were helpless.

"When they got to the rear of the structure guy trying to get in. There was fire rolling the entire length if the trailer over their heads and couldn't get inside" said Chief Ebmyer

Neighbors say Lous was a kind man who tried to help his neighbors.

"We spoke and I am very sad because I know the guy like seven or eight years maybe when move here," said Krzysztof Bodzon, a neighbor

Tyler Doohan was in 4th grade in the East Rochester School District.

"You can't even put into words our thoughts and feelings in East Rochester," said Richard Stutzman, East Rochester Interim Superintendent

Firefighters say Tyler was spending the night with grandpa because school was off Monday.

"Tyler was a caring individual and they weren't surprised that Tyler was the individual who got everyone up and out of the house," said Stutzman.

Six others including-two children were taken to the hospital for minor burns and possible smoke inhalation.

There were many animals inside this home as well.

At least one dog died and a cat rescue group is hoping to find some of at least 10 cats that were in the home.

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