Three Men Arrested After Massive Manhunt


One of the three men who sparked a massive manhunt in Livingston County is now facing charges.

24 year old, Steven Alexander, of Rochester is charged with assault after an an alleged shooting in the town of Bath last night.  Police say Alexander and two others were later stopped in Lima but when officers tried pulling them over, they took off.

The manhunt involved countless officers, canines and SWAT team members.

"We had an extended perimeter in case they were able to get into a vehicle," explained Livingston County Sheriff', Tom Dougherty.  Authorities also had a micro perimeter set up too in case the suspects fled on foot.

 State Police blocked off traffic on Route 15A, and both North and South bound traffic from Routes 5&20 to the Monroe County Border.

It was there, around 12:30 last night, where a Livingston County Sheriff's Deputy had initially pulled over the suspects' vehicle before the men ran off.  Searching passing cars, nearby roads, and yards, all hands were on deck.

Finally there was a break in the case when Sheriff Dougherty and New York State Captain, Rick Allen, noticed a bicyclist headed towards them on 15A.

"We asked him who he was and what he was doing," said Dougherty.  "It was very apparent that he was one of the guys we were looking for... it was surprising that he had that much courage with all the police around to act like he was just going for a little bicycle ride."

The other two men were caught several hours later in a cornfield along 15A in Mendon.  State Police credit a 911 call in helping them track down the remaining men.  The two other suspects surrendered without a fight.

"They had been on the run for awhile," explained Scott Crosier of the New York State Police.  "They made it a fair distance through some rough terrain.  If you look at them, they've obviously been through some water, and some debris, and what not.  So I think they were probably about ready to give up at that point."

The overnight manhunt had neighbors in Livingston County on high alert.  Pam Gilson lives on Rochester Street and was cited in calling it an "out of the ordinary event."

"Typically, the best that ever goes on...or the worst, is a traffic stop for speeding.  That's about it," confessed Gilson.

No one was injured during the search.  State Police said additional charges are pending against Alexander.  There has been no word yet on whether the other two suspects will be charged.

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