Three Arrested in Connection with Jewelry Heist


Greece, NY (WROC) - Shocking new details come out Wednesday about what happened to a Greece family who was allegedly held captive for hours inside their home.  Thomas Pryor of Spencerport, Alexander Kates of Rochester, and Q-Zay Clark of Farmington are accused of a home invasion and the robbery of the Jewelry Lab.  All three have pleaded not guilty.

The three suspects were arraigned, and each is facing eight charges.  Employees at the Jewelry Lab say they no longer fear for their safety.

"It was a really big relief for us, for my family, for all my friends, and for all my friends working here," said the Jewelry Lab's owner, Amal Salib.

Two weeks ago, the unthinkable happened to Salib and her family.  Police say her general manager, and his wife and son, were kidnapped.  It happened on August 6th.  Salib's employee was followed home by two armed men.  Police say the family was bound with duct tape and held in a bedroom overnight by Pryor, Clark and Kates.  According to court documents, the next day investigators believe the men stole the family's car and went to the Jewelry Lab.

Salib says they stole more than $260,000 worth of jewelry.  "They picked up the most heavy and expensive items at the store," explained Salib.  "They studied the store so they knew where to go; the big chains, charms, diamonds, diamond bracelets, diamond gold charms... so yeah, big loss."
he victims were able to free themselves sometime that following morning.  They then called 911 while Salib says, her jewelry store was being burglarized by the suspects wearing masks and gloves.  Salib is now blaming mall security.

"They came early.  We opened at 10 o'clock... I believe between 7:30 - 8am, [the suspects] had their masks on and [the mall security] didn't notice that strange people had come to open the store."

Although Salib doesn't have insurance for the stolen jewelry, she says the most important thing is that her general manager and his family are safe.

"Everybody is happy; jumping happy," said Salib.  "My kids too are happy because it is weird and scary."

As for the suspects, the kidnapping charge alone carries a maximum sentence of 25 years to life.  Police say there is no connection between the victims and the suspects.

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