The Wienermobile Visits Rochester


Rochester, NY (WROC) - Rochester fans of hot dog-shaped vehicles were in luck today.  That's because the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile was in town after a trip to Canandaigua Thursday.

The drivers of the giant hot dog appeared at the Wegmans on Calkins Road in Rochester.  The drivers passed out whistles, hot dogs and more.  The operators of the Wienermobile say people are always happy to see the hot dog. 

"People are always excited to see the Wienermobile," said Matt Heng, the driver of the vehicle.  "A lot of people don't think we're real, they think it's only in commercials.  We're out on the road all year long meeting people, so they're excited to find out the Wienermobile is something they can actually see."

The Wienermobile will cruise into Penfield Saturday.

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