The Weather Watchers At The PGA

- With all the big names on the tour there are two names that you will not recognize- Brad Nelson and Willis Young. Their days are not spent on the greens but inside a trailer.

As the on-site meteorologists at the PGA championship they keep a close eye on a few aspects of the weather, especially lightning.

"We have some lightning tools it's called a CS110. Basically it analyzes the atmosphere locally. So we can predict lightning based on the charges in and around a thunderstorm. So before that first strike hits we can tell that something is building in the area and we can get everybody off the course," Young said.

Like Thursday, when the horn sounded and players and spectators evacuated the course for an hour. While there was no lightning Friday morning, they were still busy updating PGA officials on when the rain would end.

"We've been very busy. We got here about 5:30 [a.m]. and we've been watching the radar ever since," he said.

Even in nice weather they can't just kick back and relax - officials still turn to them.

"How dry the air is going to be? How fast the golf course is going to dry up. We got stronger winds or lighter winds. That's going to help maintenance set up the course and give them idea where to put the flags on the golf course and the holes to make it fair for everyone," Young said.

You may think life on the PGA tour is all glamour, but-

"There's times when it gets kind of monotonous. But overall still like it. Still here. 17 years later? 17 years later," Young said.

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