The "Gateway Building" Plans to Bring New Appeal to East Ave.

A dramatic new face for two of Rochester's landmark attractions.   News 8 has learned plans are in the works to build a new $7-million building on East Avenue.

The Gateway Project is in its very early stages.  The plan is to link the Rochester Museum and Science Center and Strasenburgh Planetarium under one umbrella, giving visitors a choice to check out one or the other or both.  

"You could go by the Planetarium and really not know for sure what you are looking for, said Elaine Spaull, Rochester Councilwoman.

Two gems sit tucked behind the line of sight along East Avenue, but that's about to change soon.

There are plans to link the Rochester Museum and Science Center with the Strasenburgh Planetarium through a multi-million dollar building known as the "Gateway Building."   Rochester Councilwoman Elaine Spaull lives in the neighborhood.

"These two buildings have been here forever.  And as destinations and as powerful attractions.  Having them really get a little facelift and have more energy right here is just exactly what is needed right now," said Spaull.

The idea has been presented to the Preservation Board for comment.  It will be formally presented to the board for its approval in the fall.  Organizers are hoping individual donors as well as grant organizations will help pay for the project.

"We'll retain the charm and the energy of the planetarium, that's important.  But we'll add to it a vibrancy and a beauty that is well deserved," said Spaull.

The Gateway Project is designed to boost the appeal of this historic neighborhood and attract more visitors to the city. 

This project is two to three years away from becoming a reality.  It would have to pass several committees and come before the full city council for a vote. This is a start to what could add new appeal to Rochester's East Avenue.

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