The 411 On Colonoscopy

- News 8 is partnering with UR Medicine to show how easy it is to have a colonoscopy. 

I'm in good hands with Dr. Thomas Werth. The UR Medicine gastroenterologist has performed about 20,000 colonoscopies.

"So this is the room where you'll have your colonoscopy. You'll be brought in on a stretcher and I'll be standing right here. This is the colonoscope I'll use to look inside your colon and make sure you don't have colon cancer," he told me.

That colonoscope is one reason I'm a little hesitant to get a colonoscopy. It might hurt. Dr. Werth says there is no reason to worry.

"Colonoscopy is done under what we call conscious sedation most of the time; where you're given a sedative and take a nap. So most people don't remember their colonoscopies," he said.

I asked Dr. Werth who should have a colonoscopy.

"Well anybody who has symptoms, first of all. Anybody over the age of 30 and they're having any kind of bleeding or change in their bowel habits," he said.

However, most people are like me. They have no symptoms but are of that age when a screening is a good idea.

"You're 53 [Kevin]. You're kind of a little bit overdue. It's time. You really don't have any symptoms at all, but it's just time to look," he said to me.

Dr. Werth says one in three adults who should have a colon cancer screening do not. 

"Which is really a shame. I mean, colon cancer is completely curable and we catch colon cancer earlier when we catch it during screening. 

Of the thousands of colonoscopies he has done, mine will be the first that Dr. Werth will do on live TV. 

"Especially being a man, I think if we can just show the experience is not that big a deal and it is potentially life-saving, that you're doing a great service," Werth said. 

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