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For 12 years, TechAge has been teaching computer skills to older adults like 69 year old Nancy O'Brien. "I like technology, I like the toys," she says. "I'm frustrated by them because I don't know how to operate them."

This unique program is run by volunteers in a computer lab at the Jewish Community Center. Instructors like Craig Cucchi show students everything from how to work a mouse, to photo editing, and facebook.

"There's a lot of hope for the total novice!" Craig says. "Our oldest total novice was 94, she came in in a wheelchair with her nurse, and when the nurse decided she was going to help, she got her hand slapped. So, it was fun!" he laughs.

Joel Elias started out as an instructor when the program was known as Seniornet. Now he's the TechAge coordinator. Joel says older adults make great students. "They look at the keyboard and say, I don't know what to do with this and then at the end of 8 weeks, they're surfing the internet, they're communicating with the family in California or whatever, they use skype, they're doing video, and you see people do that and it's just fantastic!" he says.

Since 2000, TechAge has conducted 500 classes, for 35-hundred students.

Each class has an instructor and a couple of coaches. Each student gets a notebook with step by step instructions that they can use at home.

"I feel like I'm more in the loop," Nancy says. She's one of thousands of older students who've gone from computer scared to computer savvy, thanks to TechAge.

For more information on TechAge, click here.

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