Susan Sanbury, Rush-Henrietta High School

- Susan Sanbury left a career as a microbiologist at the University of Rochester to teach at Rush-Henrietta High School.

The AP Biology course that Susan teaches at the school is a rigorous college course. Her students work very hard-or so we thought.

"We did it in class and she was like 'what are you guys doing;' and we're like 'oh nothing, we're working on the lab,' and then we're like passing out these little sheets. It was really funny and then we got all these people to vote for her because she really deserves it," student Olivia Hotchkiss said.

That is right- eight students in Ms. Sanbury's class used class time to write nominations for her for a Golden Apple Award.

"She's completely dedicated to her craft and to her kids," principal Beth Patton said.

Susan gives her students all the credit for her success.

"It's the kids. It's letting them be who they are and helping them become who they are," she said. 

Dear News 8, 

As a student in Mrs. Sanbury's AP Biology and Microbiology class, I can say that I enjoy going to her class everyday. Most kids have a few classes they dread going, but besides the interesting topics, Mrs. Sanbury makes class enjoyable. She is always sharing her knowledge and cracking jokes. Mrs. Sanbury deserves this award because she doesn't just let students learn in her class, she helps kids along the way and is encouraging of them. Also, she he has the right mix of having fun but staying on topic. Specifically to me, Mrs. Sanbury is always there to have a serious talk about my future and help with decisions, as well as brighten my day when it may not be such a good one. I was lucky to have gotton Mrs. Sanbury as a teacher and she deserves this award!

Rachel Kirchoff

Dear News 8, 

Mrs. Sanbury always makes the learning fun! Everyday when I have ap bio I am very excited because I always have a fun time there. Double blocks of ap bio are the best! I know Mrs. Sanbury will not accept the award because she is very humble and doesn't like talking about herself. Although, she really does deserve this award. 

Emily Bodyk

Dear News 8, 

Not only is she great at teaching, Mrs. Sanbury's friendly attitude towards her children is amazing. Being helpful, understanding and nice to all her students is what makes her unique. She's also one of the most humble PEOPLE, not teachers, I know, and she will most likely not claim or accept this award because she doesn't like talking about herself. But regardless of her attitude about herself, she deserves this award.

Mustafa Aminalhaq

Dear News 8, 

Mrs. Sanbury is the best teacher I've ever had. She loves to teach and be around kids and she's always willing to do anything necessary to help her students. She genuinely cares about her students and their futures and helps students with any issues that they are having. Because of how much she cares for other people, she probably would not accept this award, but she definitely deserves it. 

Heather Tracy

Dear News 8, 

I think Mrs. Sanbury should win because she is a very conscientious, and she is very compassionate towards her students. She also will not self-nominate because she feels it wrong to boast for ones self. Which demonstrates her humble personality.

Ryan McLaughlin

Dear News 8, 

Mrs. Sanbury is an amazing teacher who often challenges her students while guiding them and then enabling them to succeed. She has taught at this school for a very long time and many students for many years have said she was their favorite teacher. Mrs. Sanbury doesn't like to talk about herself so she probably wouldn't accept the award, but she deserves it! 

Dave DiPrimo

Dear News 8, 

Mrs. Sanbury is the epitome of a real teacher, which is very hard to find. She dedicates all of her time to her students, whether its staying late after school, or even meeting kids at wegmans on a Saturday for a study session. She understands and listens to every kid, and doesn't choose favorites. If it's a snowy day and the roads are icy, she will invite seniors into her class to wait until the parking lot isn't hectic to be safe. She once told us that before the school year even started, she had wrote little notes on each student on classes that they had previously taken, and which ways each student excelled in learning. She knew everything about us before we even walked in her door. Mrs. Sanbury puts all of her efforts into kids and is extremely funny. She even convinces me that AP Biology is a "mad fun" class, making me intrigued to learn every time I step in the classroom. Every time I'm upset, Mrs. Sanbury opens up her classroom as a place for me to just think everything through, as she is there to comfort me, or any other student,as needed. She adjusts her teaching to each student's learning, and is truly a life changer. If Mrs. Sanbury gets this award, I promise that she won't want to accept it. Please don't give her a choice-she just doesn't like talking about how "mad cool" she really and truly is.

Candice Greer

Dear News 8, 

Mrs. Sanbury is one of the nicest, most caring people I have ever met. In my 12 years of being in this school district, I have never found such a teacher that truly cares about her students, beyond the classwork. Her love and passion for Biology strives and inspires me to find my passions. She meets every students needs, even if the needs of that student is specific. My mom died a year ago, and she told me she would always be there for me, and that I can always talk to her whenever I need it. She also anonymously gave away gifts to her co-workers just because. She offers to go to Wegmans for a study group, gives up her free period just to help the students struggling. Her funny, down to earth attitude helps everyone be as successful as possible, while getting rid of that stereotypical 'school' feeling. She also teaches us in a way where we will understand, her organization and teaching ability is absolutely phenomenal. I am blown awa y by how amazing she is, and she deserves this award more than any teacher I have ever met/have. With all the resources, smiles, and laughs she gives us on a daily basis, I feel it is right that we should give back to her in a great way. 

Olivia Hotchkiss

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