Nicholas Ballou, Victor Intermediate School

- Nicholas Ballou is a teacher that values the lifelong relationships he creates with his students. 

"He really inspired me to push harder and always keep trying," 6th grader Chloe Haller.

Chloe Haller says her teacher last year was the best. That is Mr. Nicholas Ballou. He left quite an impression on Chloe.

"Why is he a good teacher," I asked her.

"Because he really tries to make his students try their hardest and be the best they can be," she said. 

Everyone says Nick Ballou knows how to connect with students- a good reason for us to help Chloe reconnect with him.

"Just building relationships with them and their families is the most important thing. So, I'm just shocked right now. This is excellent, thank you so much Chloe," Ballou said as we surprised him.

"When kids feel as though the teacher is connected with them and likes them and understands them they'll go to the end of the earth to do what the teacher expects of them; and really enjoy learning and engage in learning and really accept challenges the teacher presents," principal Mary Szlosek said.

"Just getting to know them and building that relationship and building that trust is just something that I think is so important," Nick said. "I think without that you can't get anywhere in life. Those relationships last forever, and obviously I miss Chloe and that relationship is forever and everlasting. So I'm so happy right now, this is exciting."

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