Mark Luxemberg, Honeoye Falls-Lima High School

- Mark Luxemberg has been inspiring students at Honeoye Falls-Lima High School for 13 years.  Senior Jordan Mongeon moved into the district and learned he had a friend in Mr. Luxemberg.

"He's not only teacher, he's just an educator who enriches me and helps produce my full potential at all times. Whether it's in the classroom or if I have to talk to him about something outside the classroom," Jordan said.

Jordan asked us to help him say thank you by giving Mr. Luxemberg a Golden Apple Award. 

"Thank you Jordan I appreciate it" he said. "I'm surprised, but I'm flattered, I'm honored. Jordan and I have had a great relationship over the last few years so this means a lot to me."

Principal David Roth says Mark Luxemberg teaches film and the most challenging English courses an HFL senior can take, including an advanced Cambridge class. 

"You know one thing Mark has is a great rapport with all his students. I think he understands where they're coming from. Understands their level, understands that for the most part they're looking to get into college and be successful and is able to help them to achieve those goals," Roth said.

"I've got to tell you it's a two way street" says Mark. "It's always a two way street with any of these kids. I learn as much from them everyday as they do from me."

Jordan says the experience has been all positive. 

"And I've just become, I feel like just a better person because of the experiences I've had with him," he said.

Mr. Luxemberg says teachers have got to walk the walk. 

"If we just sit here and stand in front of the room and talk all day then they can leave and it goes in one ear and out the other. If we show them that we've got extra time. That we're available, then they know we're invested in their future," he said.

Mark Luxemberg is a News 8 Golden Apple Award winner. You can read Jordan's letter nominating him if you look below.

Dear News 8,

Thank you for providing a forum for students and parents to share our stories about great teachers.  I'd like to nominate my English Teacher, Mr. Luxemberg, for the Golden Apple Award.  Mr. Luxemberg has touched my lifer personally and academically for the last two years.  He has opened my eyes and mind to new and exciting challenges. I have been truly inspired by Mr. Luxemberg's optimism. He continues daily to help me grow and learn everything I can.  I am very grateful and encouraged by his dedication to teaching.  Please consider this nomination for Mr. Luxemberg.

Jordan Mongeon

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