Kathy Ragan, St. Agnes School

- In honor of Catholic Schools Week, Kathy Ragan from St. Agnes School in Avon is getting a News 8 Golden Apple Award.

Service to others is an important lesson in Mrs. Ragan's classroom. Here students have been working hard to raise money for the American REd Cross Disaster Relief Fund. This week, they presented a check $200. Students and teachers were excited as we waited to surprise Kathy Ragan in the St. Agnes School lunch room. She was hesitant to walk through the door. Ragan is a modest woman who would never brag about her own importance. Her older sister Diane, who was also a teacher, sees how much she invests in her school. 

"I think she loves to see how the kids connect things and makes them think; to see them work that out. It's very joyful for her, I know that," she said.

Kathy has been part of the St. Agnes family for years. Her two children attended there. She cares deeply about the school and finds a gift in every child. 

"I don't [just] like it. I love it. It's just like home," Kathy said. 

"Her heart is as large as her person. She's a very giving individual, very sensitive person, very compassionate," principal Dr. Gerald Benjamin said.

"I like to teach religion and I like the religious aspect of teaching here so we can pray every day and have God in our lives," Kathy said. "Again it comes from love. Loving what I do and loving the children and the people I work with."

Below is the letter Diane sent to us nominating Kathy for a Golden Apple Award:

Dear News 8,

Kathy Ragan is a Master's Degree Teacher who has chosen to work in a parochial school, for a pay scale significantly less than if she were employed by another system. She works tirelessly, into the evening and on weekends to ensure her students are well prepared to leave elementary school and move on. Many of her students return to her classroom to assist her and to visit. She has led the "Page Turners" group( a reading competition) to win for several years in a row... this year by a large margin.. all through excellent teaching and her unending devotion to her students.. She guides her students to participate in many charitable events through the school year. and, while she has undergone some personal problems, her determination to provide excellent teaching to her students has not wavered. Her background in serving students with special needs has often been called upon, as it is this year, and she brings her expertise to these special children. Creativity is very evident in her classroom, as is the integration of developing excellent language skills within her class.  Kathy is the kind of teacher all parents would want for their child.


Diane Giddings, Kathy's sister

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