Glenda VanRy, Geneseo Middle School

- Glenda VanRy is retiring after 30 years with the Geneseo Central School District. 

Learning to be a good citizen is part of Glenda VanRy's Social Studies class at Geneseo Middle School. Sixth grader Brenna Henderson nominated her for a Golden Apple Award.

"[She] taught me to be, like, a really good person; and a lot of Social Studies stuff too.

"We're going to be sad to see Glenda go. She's just a remarkable lady who puts forth a tremendous amount of energy each and every day in the classroom," principal Mike Salatel said.

After three decades, Mrs. VanRy hopes all her students have learned one important lesson.

"That hopefully one person can make a difference. I hope they know that; that their job in addition to being a great American and a great world citizen is they need to know that one person makes a difference," she said.

"She loves the children, loves the staff. She goes to bat for everybody. She treats anybody like they're part of her family," 

She thought she had seen it all until Brenna did something for her no one else has.

"I can't even believe it. I am absolutely overwhelmed. I have never, ever had anything like this done for me. So it's really amazing to me," she said.

Below is the letter that Brenna sent to us nominating Glenda for the award: 

Dear News 8,

Mrs. VanRy is a kind and caring teacher. She teaches me so much social studies, but also teaches me how to be a better writer, a good citizen, how to be careful with my work, and pushes me to use strong vocabulary. She makes us laugh with her sense of humor saying things like "one day the hunters and gatherers had an OMG moment and thought we should just stay here!" I love how she teaches us with a mixture of text, movies, and discussions. Mrs. VanRy doesn't let any kids mess around, which makes it easier for everyone to learn. This is Mrs. VanRy's last year of teaching because she is retiring. I am disappointed because I was hoping my younger sister would be able to have Mrs. VanRy, too. I hope you pick my wonderful social studies teacher for the Golden Apple because she deserves it! Thank you!

Brenna Henderson
6th Grader, Geneseo Middle School

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