Ellice Amendolare, Eastridge High School

- Students in the chorus at Eastridge High School love Ellice Amendolare. 

Senior Taylor Meacham asked us to thank Eastridge High School choral director Ellice Amendolare. taylor is not the only student who loves "Miss A." 

"She teaches us a lot and she sacrifices her time to stay with us if we need help on extra pieces and she just shows us that she really cares," Taylor said.

She brings passion and perfection into the classroom.

"I think she really pushes the kids through rigorous instruction when it comes to music; and she has them reading rigorous music and performing at the highest levels," principal Mary Grow said. 

Ellice always tries to set a good example. 

"Even though I'm teaching kids about old, dead white guys and how they wrote music, it's fine. I want to make the music important to them and real to them, even though it was written hundreds of years ago. Also, I always want to teach them how to treat each other. You know what I mean? Model how I treat them; I want them to treat each other the same way," she said.

"Miss A" gets an A for caring about her kids. 

"Sometimes you do a lot and sometimes you don't think people notice it," she said. "I care about every single one of these kids with all my heart and sometimes I don't want them to forget that; but just knowing that she noticed that makes me happy.," she said. 

Below is Taylor's letter to News 8 describing why Ellic Amendolare is a great teacher: 

Dear News 8,

Mrs. A should win the Golden Apple Award for so many reasons. She is the most outgoing, and dedicated teacher. She puts all her love and emotions into every song she teaches us. As a chorale teacher she shows us how to improve our voices and challenge ourselves to more difficult songs. She is always happy to teach no matter what, she brightens all of her students days. However it's my senior year and I will be having to say goodbye to her this year. I will miss her fun, bold spirit. She deserves this award, she works hard every day to make sure we're all doing excellent and are singing to our best capabilities. For her to receive this award I know she would be the happiest, most proud teacher. Thank you.


Taylor Meacham, Eastridge HS Senior

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