Claudia Montecalvo, Cosgrove Middle School

- Claudia Montecalvo teaches 7th grade English at Cosgrove Middle School. Eighth grader Carlie Holler says Mrs. Montecalvo is the best teacher she has ever had. 

"She told me that if I ever needed help I can always go back and see her and she would help me with anything," Carlie said.

"When Mrs. Montecalvo says she wants kids to come back to her classroom year after year, she means it. She wants kids to visit. She wants to make sure they're on the right path to success," principal Ned Dale said.

Claudia says her love of literature was sparked by a remarkable teacher she had in 3rd grade. That is when she decided she wanted to become a teacher. 

"How long have you been a teacher," I asked her.

"Thirty-three years," she replied. "Don't figure out how old I am! No, 33 years and I told Mr. Dale I will keep doing this until it's no longer fun, but it's still fun."

Mrs. Montecalvo gives a lot of time to school and community events. She lives in Spencerport and has raised her own family here. She is touched that Carlie wanted to give her a Golden Apple Award. 

"I always saw it on TV before and I thought 'gee, I wish I could touch a student like that;' and I've made tons of connections. But to actually have a student take the time to give back to me? Oh my gosh, that's every dream come true," she said. 

Read Carlie's letter to us below:

Claudia Montecalvo, Cosgrove Middle School

Every year there is always that one teacher that you like or dislike. I have never liked a teacher so much before. Mrs. Montecalvo was one of those teachers. The best memory I remember from her was always telling us she would never let us fail. Mrs. Monte was more like a mother than a teacher to me. She knew when I was in a bad mood. She knew how to help, knew that I wasn't the best in English, but she did know just how to help and teach in a way that anyone could be involved. When I moved up to eighth grade and I found out she stayed in seventh was really hard. I have never connected with a teacher so much in my life before. I remember staying after almost every day to get help. I enjoyed it because we connected so much. Most teachers call home when you do something wrong, not Mrs. Monte! She called home when you did something good. Mrs. Monte may not be my teacher forever but she will always be my favorite. I love her. 


Carlie Holler

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