Brenda Ward, Honeoye Elementary School

- A 1st grader nominated teacher Brenda Ward for a Golden Apple Award. He says she had changed his outlook on school.

"Well she's very nice to me. She makes me enjoy school because last year I didn't really have a good year. But now this year it's very nice and I love this school now," Johnny Blair said.

Principal Michael Bastian says Brenda Ward teaches with her heart and it makes a huge difference with kids like Johnny. 

"The child knows the teacher is fully committed to them and the child's going to work harder. They come to school with that positive attitude; ready to engage the day and engage the learning and the work that we have for them and Mrs. Ward provides that for all her students," he said.

"A long time ago I heard a psychologist speak here at school and he said they don't care what you know until they know that you care; and I really do believe that," Ward said of her teaching philosophy. 

Mrs. Ward is a lifer at Honeoye Elementary. She went to school here. Her kids did too and she has taught here her entire career. The community is better because of it. 

"I love the smiles and the hugs. They come back year after year and the smiles and the hugs when they walk in are a great way to start anyone's day," she said.

Here is the letter Johnny and his mother wrote nominating Brenda Ward for a Golden Apple Award.

Dear News 8,

I think Brenda Ward should win a Golden Apple Award because I have never and I mean never, met such a kind and caring person who would go out of there way to help anyone. My son had a really bad year last year but now that he is in first grade with Brenda Ward he loves it.  He gets so excited to go to school at Honeoye Elementary.  Mrs. Ward is very well known in our little town and so is her family.  She has two grown boys and a wonderful husband. I am doing this for my son because he watches the news everyday with me and he sees other teachers on TV and he asks me to do this for him.  Mrs. Ward is involved with all the kids.  She knows what each of them likes and doesn't like.  Kids she hasn't had in her room in over ten years still come back to say hi to her everyday.  I really hope you can do this for me and my son.  He really wants to show her just how much he cares for her.  Plus she has been there for me as well.  Thank you.


John & Bridgette Blair

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