Brandon Herod, Canandaigua Elementary School

- Canandaigua Elementary School is the scene of this Golden Apple surprise.  Fourth Grade Teacher Brandon Herod was floored when we showed up during a program in the school auditorium.

Micah Bennett's mother Jennifer says he's a success story, thanks to Mr. Herod. "We've had a lot of ups and downs. Micah's got a couple disabilities and you wouldn't know it this year."  

Jennifer says Mr. Herod makes Micah feel like he can do anything.  Brandon will tell you the secret to success is sometimes letting kids figure it out on their own.  He's there to convince them they can do it.  "Having them believe in themselves. Giving them confidence. Letting them express themselves as much as you can in the classroom. And giving them a sense of ownership over their own education."

Here's the letter that Micah wrote nominating Mr. Herod.

Dear News 8,

I wanted to nominate Mr. Herod from Canandaigua Elementary 4th grade. I have been going there since kindergarten and I have never felt so successful until 4th grade. He has students like me that need extra help. He deserves its, because his teaching is not like everyone elses. He wants us to all learn fun, and hands on. This is the first time I have received A's and B's this year. I learn hands on or his songs or his encouraging us. He deserves it. 


Micah Bennett age 9 

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