Taking the Ice

Although the cold months are already here, the action is heating up on the ice.

Hockey isn't exactly a mainstream sport, and because of high costs to play, some kids may never get the oppertunity to enjoy it.

The Genessee Valley Youth Hockey Club stated about 10 years ago.

 "It introduces inner city kids who wouldn't have had the opportunity to learn about hockey. It gives them the oppertunity to play the sport,"said Florence Clemmons, Director of Genesee Valley Youth Hockey.

"There's a lot of diversity and not a lot of people play. No one really plays hockey and it's really fun," said Dekovas Finley, Hockey Player.

And boy is it popular!

Fitness is a must, and they feel it:

"It's important because you're stronger and you can move faster and better," said Rachel Vollmar, Hockey Player.

"You sweat a lot and every Monday when I get up for school I'm sore and can't get out of bed. So that's how I know I've been working a lot," said Finley.

The program also takes the opportunity to enhance other traits these kids will use in the real world.

"You're helping them build character so that they can take what they're learning here and be able to utilise it in the community," said Clemmons.

This sport naturally helps them socialize, they learn life skills like teamwork and time management. Coaches serve as role models, and they
also try to teach proper nutrition.

"We also talk about healthy nurtion and how important it is to stay fit and have a well balanced meal, what to do before and after practice," said Clemmons.

Dekocas loves being a part of the program, and for many reasons.

"Because we're skating and it's a full contact sport," said Finley.

"Because I'm hopeful that I can be one of the best players when I grow up," said Finley.

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