SUNY Oswego Issues Warning Following Heroin Death

- Oswego City Police and University Police are investigating three suspected heroin overdoses after one student was found dead and two others were hospitalized Friday night.

An alert was sent out Saturday morning, via the NY Alert messaging system, warning students about the potential lethality of heroin that may be circulating in the area and asking anyone with information to call city police at (315) 343-1212 or campus police at (315) 213-5555.

The college said the fatal overdose occurred on campus and the other two happened off campus in the city of Oswego. Oswego City Police and University Police are working together to investigate the incident.

"This is a concern," Oswego City Police Captain Tory Decaire said. "We are realistic that heroin is dangerous. Whether you are taking a little or a lot you don't know what your body can handle."

"Most of the drugs on campus have been marijuana and prescription drugs," SUNY Oswego Director of Public Affairs Julie Harrison Blissert said. "We have a longstanding drug and alcohol awareness program and we are beefing that up."

Families of Oswego students may call (315) 312-3214 from noon to midnight Saturday and Sunday for updates.

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