Sullivan Family Remains Hopeful on Brian's 25th Birthday

"It's terrible. Everyday not knowing. Hoping everyday though that today we are one day closer to finding Brian," said Barbara Sullivan, Brian's mother.

Every year, December 5 gets harder and harder for the Sullivan family. Brian Sullivan disappeared five years ago. Today is his 25th birthday.

"We can't celebrate his 25th birthday with him because he's not here," said Brittney Murphy, Brian's sister.

"When I look at some people maybe they find their loved one right away, but then there's others that go on years and years of not knowing, and I'm just hoping that's not our case," said Barbara Sullivan.

Even though its been five years, the Sullivan family remains hopeful. On Brian's birthday, family and friends come together to decorate Brian's tree.

"It's all of Brian's ornaments and every year since he's been little everybody gave him an ornament, and we continue to buy ornaments to put on this tree that we got just for him," said Barbara Sullivan.

Every year, there's more and more Christmas gifts waiting for Brian. In fact, the family had to buy a bigger stocking.

"Santa brings gifts and actually his stocking is down there. It's still full because Santa just adds to it, so we are hoping that one day Brian will get to open his gifts," said Barbara Sullivan.

As another year comes to an end, there's only one thing that the Sullivan family wants for Christmas.

"It's hard because you see all these families all together hoping and wishing that they get the big toy for Christmas or a new car and all we are hoping for is that we get Brian back for Christmas. That's all we have ever been hoping for," said Brittney Murphy.

Brian's case remains active. The family talks to the Monroe County Sheriff's Office every two weeks.

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