Study: Young Adults & Online Privacy

Many young adults have been on Facebook for years. They may not seem to care who's looking in. Turns out, they are concerned - almost as much as their parents.

Remember, Facebook started as an experiment on college campuses. Students learned to deal with embarassing photos, online stalkers, and scrubbing their profile before that first big job interview. Young users tend to know what to share, without sharing too much.

In a new survey, 82% of younger adults said they refuse to give out personal information to a business. 88% of adults agree, saying its too personal or unnecessary.

The new online privacy study, conducted by researchers at Penn and Cal-Berkeley, which includes 18 to 24 year olds for the first time.

All generations strongly agree that users should have to give permission before pictures of them are posted. Nearly half believe that people who use information illegally should face jail time.

The big difference was that more young adults believe the government is actively working to protect them online. That's not necessarily true.

The study concludes that young adults still need to learn more about online privacy and their rights.

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