Study Finds Teens' With Early Work Experience Have Long Lasting Career Benefits

- According to a study done by Employment Policies Institute (EPI) teens who have part-time jobs have better long-lasting benefits later in life.  

The benefits that teens have are higher hourly wages , increased annual earnings, and less time out of work. The study found that people who had part time jobs of 20 hours a week or more during there senior year had annual earnings that were 20% higher 6-9 years after graduation as compared to students who did not work. 

The study also shows that the annual earnings of millennial high school seniors who worked 20 hours a week or more in high school are seven percent higher as compared to those who didn't work.   

The study comes out after the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) found that the number of unemployed young adults increased by 913,000 this summer. 

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