Students React to VP Debate

More than two dozen students gathered in Gilbert Hall to watch vice presidential candidates Joe Biden and Paul Ryan square off.

During the 90 minute debate the candidates covered a variety of issues including foreign policy and the economy.

While the students agreed that watching the debate was important, they had different opinions on how it will effect the election, "we saw in 2008 that a good or bad, more importantly bad, VP pick can make or break candidates so I think what's said tonight will really have an impact on the campaigns," said U of R student Jenny Hansler. Jaclyn Reinhart, also a U of R student, had a different opinion, "I feel like it's important to see their ideas to see where the teams will go, as the Romney Ryan or Obama Biden, but I don't know if it's going to make as big of an impact as people think. "

Thursday night's watch party was organized by the committee for political engagement. It's a non partisan group and both republican and democratic students attended.

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