Students Rally Against Bullying in Spencerport

Hundreds of local students came together Monday to break the cycle of bullying.

There's been a movement in Spencerport which sparked because if the the death of 14-year old Cameron DeVeronica.

Ogden Police were investigating her death as an apparent suicide last week.

They say bullying didn't cause the young girl's death.

But many of her classmates and friends believe that's not the case.

They worry there is a problem with bullying throughout the school community.

At the stroke of 7, Monday morning, hundreds marched to the front of the administration building at Spencerport.

The students message: no more bullying.

"I just got to the point that i felt something had to be done," said Grace Kinton, a sophomore.

Grace says she was not friends with Cameron, but says she sees many students taunted and teased in the hallways and online.

She says it's not a new issue, but an untouched one.

"The administrators were very understanding and supportive. That's what we wanted. we wanted them to hear us out," said

Students have formed a Facebook group called "NO MORE VICTIMS."

The message started at school in the morning and spread to the street corner in downtown Spencerport by the afternoon.

"No more bullying," chanted the young protesters.

Dozens of students say they want the entire community to hear their anti-bullying message.

"It's obviously a problem, it's a problem in every high school. It took the death of a 14 year-old girl to really open our eyes," says Andrew Frey, student.

Police say their investigation ruled that bullying did not cause cameron DeVeronica's death.

But these students don't agree.

"I talked to her that day. She told me kids were being mean to her, sending hurtful text messages. I saw them. It had everything to do with bullying," says Taylor Cuccinelli, student.

Whatever the reason though - they are working to open the dialogue.

"When it comes to a point that law and police can't do anything else, we took it into our own hands. The school has authority, we don't. They are on our side on this one, we just need to be civil," said Kinton.

Kinton says the students are working with the district to create an anti-bullyig club and possibly create some assemblies in Cameron's honor.

District Superintendent Mike Crumb released this statement:

"Bullying is an issue in our society and schools, and Spencerport is not immune. Last week, we initiated an investigation into any alleged violations of our student Code of Conduct, and during this process, we've asked students for assistance in sharing what information they may have....Moving forward, we all want what is best for our students, and we have to work together respectfully as a community. My hope is that we began that process today."

To join the NO MORE VICTIMS Facebook page click here.

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