Storm damage: Road collapses in Avon, extreme flooding

AVON, N.Y. (WROC) - Intense rain pummeled much of Western, New York Monday, causing severe damage for Avon residents.

Folks living on the North end of North Littleville road in the village felt mother natures wrath after a creek overflowed splitting the road into two. The south end of the road also experienced extreme flooding.

Chris Conine's daughter was trapped inside her home.

"The roads washed out on the north side because of a big creek there," Conine said. " My daughter lives in between the two, she is on an island now."

Conine said his daughter tried to travel to work this morning, before turning around due to road closures. She pulled into her driveway only to see the road she had just ridden on completely collapsed.

Conine's daughter is just one of the dozens of area residents cleaning up after the rains. Kelly O'Donohugh lives on North Littleville road. The collapsed street is in her front yard. O'Donohugh's backyard is also filled with debris due to the road collapse.

"It shows the force of that water because it eroded the dirt away," O'Donohugh said. "There has always been water that was underneath but the force of the water washed everything away."

She is thankful she has homeowner's insurance.

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