Still No Winner in East Rochester Town Justice Race

It's the story that has everyone in East Rochester talking. The day after the election the race for town justice is too close to call. Tuesday night democrat, and high school football coach, Dennis Greco was ahead, "my initial reaction was three votes, I was sort of like, it has to be more to it than this," said Greco.

There was. Absentee ballots were counted that night. As of Wednesday morning republican, and former mayor and police officer, David Bonacchi had taken the lead. He has 1239 votes to Greco's 1234. A difference of just five votes, "you wake up people see Dennis Greco has beaten me by three so they call me up say geez you lost by three votes and I say well actually I'm winning by five," said Bonacchi, "so I think I've told that story I think 335 times."

In such a tight race both candidates say it goes to show every vote really does count, "we have the right to vote in this country and it's something you should use and express your opinions that way and they do count and here's a great example of it," explained Greco. Bonacchi added, "every vote does count people don't know how important it is and when you're trying to run for any office you need all the support you can get."

The Monroe County Board of Elections expects to have the ballots counted by next Tuesday, which should determine the winner. However, absentee ballots can be counted until November 19th, as long as the postmark is valid.

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